Personalised Paint by Numbers

Color by Numbers offers you a wide range of paintings by numbers of different kinds. However, we are well aware that many of you would prefer to have a painting based on your own photo, and we created our "Personalised Paint by Numbers" collection for this purpose! 

This collection was created for those of you who would like to make their own painting based on a photo depicting a happy memory, be it a photo of your beloved child, a romantic photo with your partner, a family photo, a photo depicting your lovely pet, or a beautiful landscape that you managed to capture.

We offer 4 types of paintings in our "Personalised Paint by Numbers" collection. 

1. Custom Paint by Numbers Good Quality

This type of Personalised Paint by Numbers painting will be a reproduction of your original photo in 24 different colours, which will be quite a good and precise reproduction of your photo. 

2. Photo Paint by Numbers Excellent Quality

This is an upgraded version of a Personalised painting by numbers, because if you opt for this type of painting, your photo will be reproduced in 36 different colours, which will be a very precise and true to life reproduction of your photo

3. Paint by Numbers Personalised Exceptional Quality

As the name suggests, this particular type of painting will be an exceptional reproduction of your painting, in as many as 42 different colours! This painting will be a delight for those of you who have an eye for great art! 

4. Photo to Color by Numbers Puzzle

This is by far the most original type of painting in our Personalised Paint by Numbers collection. You may wonder why? Because if you choose this option, not only shall we reproduce your photo, but we will also make a puzzle out of it, which would be an original present, especially for your child. 

Color by Numbers offers you all of the paintings in our Personalised Paint by Numbers collection in many different sizes, that you will find in the product descriptions of our paintings. What is more, we can offer you these paintings with or without a DIY frame. 


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