Large Paint by Number Kits
Paint by Numbers Peacock with Flowers Large Paint by Number Kits
Paint by Numbers Peacock with Flowers Large Paint by Number Kits
Large Paint by Number Kits
Paint by Numbers Peacock with Flowers Large Paint by Number Kits
Paint by Numbers Peacock with Flowers Large Paint by Number Kits

Paint by Numbers Peacock with Flowers Large Paint by Number Kits

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    Do you like peacocks? Well, many things are said about their uneasy "personality", but needless to say that they are very beautiful and colourful animals. Would you like to color by number a peacock? If so, go for our "Paint by Numbers Peacock with Flowers Large Paint by Number Kits" painting. 

    This very pictoresque painting would be rather interesting to paint by numbers. First of all, it contains plenty of colours! Secondly, given that there is a lot of very subtle work, this painting is quite an advanced level one, so you will definitely not be bored while painting by numbers this beautiful peacock, as well as the colourful bouquet which fits perfectly into the picture!  

    If this painting has attracted your attention, you might wish to discover our collection of paintings dedicated to peacocks. Feel free to discover our "Paint by Numbers Peacock" collection! 

    What is more, if you are fond of this painting, this may suggest that you enjoy painting animals in general. And here we have good news for you! Color by Numbers offers you a vast collection entitled "Paint by Numbers Animals", where you will find paintings depicting dogs, cats, elephants, peacocks, horses and other animals. 

    As it is the case for most of our paintings, this Paint by Numbers Peacock with Flowers Large Paint by Number Kits painting is available in 3 different sizes, and you can also have it with a DIY frame. What is more, if you choose the 40 x 50 cm size, we can offer you an option to have it with a ready frame.  

    Color by Numbers offers you all of our paintings delivered with the following materials: 

    • 1 x Pre-printed Numbered Linen Canvas 
    • 3 x Brushes of Different Sizes
    • 1 x Set of Numbered Paints (there are several "pots" of some paints that are more frequently used in a particular painting) 
    • A reference sheet
    • If you order a set with a DIY frame, it will be included in the parcel, with a hanger and screws
    • If you order a set with a ready frame, it will be included in the parcel.

    Paint by Numbers Peacock with Flowers Large Paint by Number Kits. Characteristics

    • Available in 3 sizes: 40 cm x 50 cm, 50 cm x 65 cm, 60 cm x 75 cm
    • Available with or without DIY frame for all sizes
    • Available with a ready frame in the 40 cm x 50 cm version
    • Canvas material : Linen
    • Paints : Acrylic
    • Item weight: 150-200 gr without a frame, 300 - 350 gr with a frame
    • Collections: Paint by Numbers Animals, Paint by Numbers Peacock

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    Painting By Numbers is a form of entertainment that uses a canva that is completely cut into small areas with numbers on them indicating the colour that is expected in each area, and that is marketed with all the necessary materials so that it can be fully coloured.

    It is an activity that is equally suitable for children and adults. It is an introduction to painting without being an artist thanks to our Paint by Numbers Kits.

    The paint is acrylic paint: the easiest to handle, it is non-toxic, odourless, and has the advantage of drying very quickly on the board.

    So you have everything you need, materials and explanations, to start, even if you are a total beginner! And this is where the concept is very interesting.

    Through this technique, you learn to handle the brush and to tame the texture of the paint. A real discovery for me!

    What is surprising, and therefore motivating, is that as you fill in square after square, you see your painting evolve, the patterns take shape, you see a butterfly appear here, a flower there, or an unexpected decoration as the colours change.

    Painting by numbers allows you to :

    • Work on your concentration and patience
    • Evacuate stress
    • Relax

     Color By Numbers Lion

    What our Paint-by-Numbers Kits contain ?

    You have 3 options of Paint By Numbers Kits available :

    • No frame Kit
    • Do It Yourself Kit
    • Ready Frame Kit

    What Our Paint By Numbers Kits Contain

    Quality of our Canva

    All our Paint By Numbers Kits are delivered with Linen Canvas which can be easily streched on a wooden frame.

    Linen Canvas

    Our Paint Kits

    All our Paint By Numbers Kits are delivered with good quality acrylic paint. Paint each numbered area (preferably colour by colour) with the corresponding colours (numbers on the pots)

    Acrylic paints

     How to assemble the DIY frame

    DIY Frame

    Paint by Numbers Peacock with Flowers Large Paint by Number Kits

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