Paint by Numbers Peacock

Peacocks are fascinating animals! They are very interesting to observe, and so colourful, that they must be exciting to color by numbers! Would you like to paint by numbers your own peacock? If so, we have some ideas for you in our "Paint by Numbers Peacock" collection! 

This is by far the most colourful and original collection in our shop. Just look at these bright peacocks! Would you not find it tempting to color by numbers one of these paintings. 

For example, our "Wildlife Landscapes You Can Paint by Numbers Peacock" painting depicts a very interesting wildlife scene. It is a very decorative painting which must be very interesting to color by numbers, albeit not particularly easy to do. And surely, this painting would be a wonderful addition to your wall, when finished.

Another very interesting painting that we have in our Paint by Numbers Peacock collection is our "Paint by Numbers Peacock in Colour Professional Paint by Number Kits" painting. This painting, depicting a peacock on a branch of a tree in its natural habitat, is one of the most colourful paintings that we have! It is also exciting to paint by numbers! 

As it is the case for all paintings sold by Color by Numbers, our paintings from "Paint by Numbers Peacock" collection are delivered containing the following materials: 

  • 1 x Pre-printed Numbered Linen Canvas 
  • 3 x Brushes of Different Sizes
  • 1 x Set of Numbered Paints (there are several "pots" of some paints that are more frequently used in a particular painting) 
  • A reference sheet
  • If you order a set with a DIY frame, it will be included in the parcel, with a hanger and screws
  • If you order a set with a ready frame, it will be included in the parcel.

The shipment time for all of Color by Numbers products is 20-40 days, and we offer a free shipping on all of our paintings by numbers.  

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