What is Paint by Numbers

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What is Paint by Numbers


Paint by Numbers has become a very popular hobby during the lockdown! It is, indeed, an addictive passtime! It is such a pleasure to color by numbers your own painting and, most importantly, it is so easy! So, what is paint by numbers? Let us explore! 

Painting by numbers is a form of art that implies the reproduction of paintings, or photographs, or different scenes, by numbers.

What is paint by numbers and how does it work? 

A usual color by numbers kit contains a numbered canvas (usually linen), the photo to reproduce, numbered paints and a set of brushes. The painting, or the photo on which the painting by numbers is based is very thoroughly reproduced on a large canvas, and each color is represented by a number.

What is more, in order for you to reproduce the painting most accurately, even when two colours are only slightly different, they are given different numbers, and therefore, there are 2 different paints corresponding to them. 

Therefore, you will have plenty of paints delivered with your Color by Numbers kit. In addition, you will have 3 brushes of different sizes, that will allow you to choose your best brush for paint by numbers.

what is paint by numbers

So what is paint by numbers? Basically, you just match the right number on the canvas with the paint of the right number. As simple as that! And the results are never disappointing! 

To learn more about paint by numbers tips, please refer to our article How to Paint by Numbers

Painting by Numbers. The Works of our customers

Still wondering what is paint by numbers, and what is the final result of this activity? Well, let us see some works that our customers very kindly shared with us. 


what is paint by numbers

This is the painting, entitled “Eiffel Tower Painting Easy Paint by Number Kits for Adults”, that our customer Jenny reproduced so wonderfully! Congratulations, Jenny, on your wonderful work! 

And here are some other works by our very faithful customers! Enjoy! 

what is paint by numbers
what is paint by numbers

Color by Numbers offers you many interesting paintings of cities, landscapes, flowers and animals. In addition, we have a vast collection of abstract paintings. All of these paintings are full of character, and would be exciting to paint by numbers!

Color by Numbers delivers its best paintings all over the UK. Therefore, if you are a UK resident and are fond of painting by numbers, please feel free to visit our site! 

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