Paint by Numbers Tips and Main Issues

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Paint by Numbers Tips and Main Issues

Painting by numbers is a very interesting and aesthetic activity. What is more, it is relatively easy, so everyone can do it. However, there are some Paint by Numbers Tips that will allow you to color by numbers with greater ease, and avoid common mistakes and problems. 

Now let us see what are the main paint by numbers tips

What to do if the paints dry?

This happens very seldom, but some of our clients have occasionally complained about this issue. Well, we have a solution to that. Just add a couple of water drops into the paint, and this will definitely make it of the right texture. 

What should I do if there is not enough of a paint of a particular colour?

This problem is quite uncommon, because usually the exact amount of a particular paint is delivered in every kit that we sell. Therefore, none of our clients have ever complained about that.

However, nothing is impossible, so we will give you some useful advice here too. The solution is actually the same as in the previous case: just add a bit of water into the remaining paint, and therefore the paint will gain in quantity, and there will be enough of it for you. 

What if you have used the wrong colour?

Ah, this is one of the trickiest things, and it’s here that our paint by numbers tips come in handy! This problem does happen a lot to our client, because none of us can permanently hold our attention. 

What is more, this problem looks particularly dramatic if the wrong colour that has been used is darker than the right colour. 

However, there are no problems without solutions! If this has happened to you, then the only thing to do is tp let the wrong colour dry and paint the right colour on top of the wrong one. If the wrong colour is still visible after the first application, then apply some more of the right colour and let it dry. The paints from our kits dry quickly, so this should not be a problem. 

What to do if the brush becomes stiff?

Oh well, here one of the most useful Paint by Numbers Tips will come in handy! It is very important to have a glass of water at hand while you are painting. Thus you can rinse your brush after every use, and the problem of the brush getting stiff will be avoided by itself. 

But if this has happened to you, there is always a solution. Try washing your brush in water, preferably using a little bit of soft. Then its “hairs” will become more flexible. 

What to do if my paint by numbers canvas creases? 

These things are not a rarity for those who enjoy paint by numbers. In fact, it is almost inevitable unless you paint with a ready frame. And here our hints and tips for paint by numbers come in handy.

This problem can be very easily solved. Once you have spotted that your canvas has creased, you should wait until all your paints dry on your painting (this is very important!) and iron the BACK side of the canvas using an ordinary iron. Just like clothes when you are ironing them, your canvas will easily decrease. 

Do you enjoy paint by numbers? Would you like to color by numbers your own painting?

Then we proudly confirm that Color by Numbers offers you the best paint by numbers kits in the UK! We deliver our products all over the UK, so if you are a UK resident and enjoy paint by numbers, please do not hesitate to visit our site! 


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