How to Paint by Numbers?

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How to Paint by Numbers?

Painting by numbers is addictive! It is extremely interesting, although very easy, so literally anyone can do it! However, the result never disappoints! Here we will gladly give you step by step instructions on how to paint by numbers! 

1. What is included in the Paint by Numbers kit? 

Color by Numbers includes the following materials in our Paint by Numbers Kits

  • 1 x Pre-printed Numbered Linen Canvas 
  • 3 x Brushes of Different Sizes
  • 1 x Set of Numbered Paints (there are several "pots" of some paints that are more frequently used in a particular painting) 
  • A reference sheet
  • If you order a set with a DIY frame, it will be included in the parcel, with a hanger and screws
  • If you order a set with a ready frame, it will be included in the parcel. 

2. Best brush for paint by numbers

As mentioned above, we include 3 brushes of different sizes in our color by numbers kits. These brushes are suitable for all types of painting on canvas, even the finest lines. Therefore, there should be no need to choose the best brush for Paint by Numbers, because it will already be included in the kit. 

Best brush for paint by numbers

However, if you have your own ideas regarding how to paint by numbers, and have your own brushes, feel free to use them. The acrylic paints included in the kit are very convenient to use indeed, and are suitable for all types of brushes. 

3. Is Paint by Numbers hard?

Well, the answer is NO! It is all so easy! That is what makes it so enjoyable! Anyone can do it (even if you had never painted before), but you get a beautiful painting as a result. 

You can even reproduce famous paintings in this way. For example, our “London Houses of Parliament Monet Paint by Numbers” painting is really based on Claude Monet’s painting of London. It even has his signature.

In addition, we have beautiful landscape paintings to color by numbers. For example, this “Mount Fuji DIY Paint by Numbers Mountains” painting that is from our “Paint by Numbers Landscape” collection is exquisite! And would you not be delighted to learn that, even if you had never done any painting before, you can easily color by numbers this beautiful Japanese scenery?  

However, there are still some tips on how to paint by numbers, and we are going to explore them now. 

4. What is the Paint by Numbers process? 

This is very easy! You will receive a numbered canvas in your color by numbers kit, and a selection of numbered paints of different colours. Then your only task is to match the number on the canvas with the paint of an appropriate colour. However, there are quite a few tips on how to paint by numbers, and we will uncover them now.

How to Paint by Numbers

5. Hints and Tips for Paint by Numbers

We have already established that Painting by Numbers is very easy! However, I have created several paintings by numbers already and will gladly share with you some useful hints and tips for paint by numbers, that will allow you to understand how to paint by numbers, and will make the process even more enjoyable. 

1. Even if you order your color by numbers painting with a frame, it is useful to know that it is a better idea to complete your painting first, and then frame it. 

You may wonder why. Canvas is a very flexible material and, when used on its own (i.e. without a frame), it is easy to put on your desk, in the same way as you would use a sheet of paper, and paint on it. However, if the canvas were already inside the frame, it would be much more challenging to use it in this way. 

2. It is important to have a glass of water to hand to “wash” your brushes after every use. It is also important to have a rag to hand which would be there to wipe out water from your brushes after they’ve been soaked.

3. Despite the fact that our acrylic paints dry very quickly, it might still be a good idea to get an ‘artist’s glove’ so that you should avoid touching the freshly painted area, even though this is not compulsory.

Hints and tips for paint by numbers
4. It might also be a good idea to work on the paints of the same colour group. Why? Because thus you will not need to change your water every time after soaking your brushes.

5. If it looks like you do not have enough of a particular paint, you might wish to add a couple of water drops into the paint. It will make it a little bit ‘thinner’ in texture, which will make it easier to apply to the canvas, and it will add to its quantity.

6. Paint by Numbers. The Works.

Now that I have shared with you some tips regarding painting by numbers, I might as well share some of my works with you. And, although I say it myself, I am very proud of them.

Color by Numbers has an extensive collection of paintings by numbers. We have developed a large selection of “City Paint by Numbers” where we have included many paintings of London and Paris, and other cities. As for our Paint by Numbers Landscape collection, we have included many beautiful paintings of nature, some of them depicting mountains, others a summer landscape (such as a beach scene), and we also have a collection of magnificent Japanese Landscape paintings. 

In addition, we have developed an extensive collection of Paint by Numbers Flowers, where we have included a number of bouquet paintings, as well as paintings of individual flowers. Finally, we have a collection of Paint by Numbers Animals which contains very poignant scenes from the animal kingdom!

Should you wish to color by numbers your own painting, you are more than welcome to visit our site!

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